Frequent Questions & Answers For Our Kauai Marriott Guests!

We've put together a list of some of our most asked questions to help make your photo experience perfect!  



20 Image Set

You Own Full Photo Rights

Online Gallery For 3 Months

$430 Before Tax


30 Image Set

$50 Print Credit

You Own Full Photo Rights

Online Gallery For 3 Months

$640 Before Tax


Ohia Collection

Most Chosen Package*

40 Image Set

$100 Print Credit

Video Slideshow

You Own Full Photo Rights

Online Gallery For 3 Months

$790 Before Tax


Bali Hai Collection

Complete Digital Collection

$200 Print Credit

Video Slideshow & Mobile App

You Own Full Photo Rights

Online Gallery For 3 Months

$1290 Before Tax

What Is Your Pricing? 

A) Your Professional Photography Session is Complimentary here at the Kauai Marriott, meaning your session doesn't have any fees to reserve and capture your photos. Our services are a professional one where after your session you are welcome to purchase the photos you love within our packaging options!

Do You Offer Discounts?

A) Yes we do!

By pre-purchasing your photo packages will give you a 10% Discount!

Pre-Purchasing also GUARANTEES YOUR KAUAI PHOTO SESSION or you get a 100% refund!

You have all the flexibility of choosing your top images from your gallery, choosing however many images you love!

 If you choose to purchase after your session, no problem! Our pricing above is what you'd be able to purchase. 

How Far In Advance Should We Book?

A) The Sooner The Better & Ideally Before Your Vacation!

We love capturing photography sessions for our guests and we're very happy to say its a very popular service here at the Marriott!

We like to recommend booking your session 2 weeks in advance if possible or earlier through our Pre-Book Option!

If you've just arrived please let us know which date is the very best for you and we'll do our very best to reserve your session! 


Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 10.55.46 AM.png

How Long Does A Session Take? 

Your Photo Session will be between 30-40 minutes long centered around what you'd like captured on your session and a mix of what we know our guests love the very most of our Kauai backdrops!

When do we get our pictures?

Our turnaround time is between 1-3 business days, from there we schedule a viewing for you all here at the Kauai Marriott! 

We will be sure to follow up and schedule a viewing either before or after your session 100% centered around what suits your schedule the very best (you are on vacation of course!). We always like to recommend a morning viewing, that way you can grab a cup of coffee and have fun going through your photos!

We Favorited our pictures, now what? 

Awesome! You've favorited your images, from there we will send a PayPal request to you for the Photo Package your selections OR you can purchase directly online now On This Page to get your photos that much faster!

Upon purchase we will send you your photos that very day!

You can also view a video on how to favorite your images here!


I Want To Print My Photos, How Does This Work? 

A) Awesome!

We're happy to hear you love your photos!

In order to print any of your images a Package Must Be Purchased of your selected photos. 

1) Print Direct With Bali Hai Photo:

You can order your prints directly with Bali Hai Photo where we ship direct to you. In order to do so select all the prints you'd like and we will send a payment request OR you can apply a print credit from a pre-purchased package!

2) Use Your Own Print Services: 

Some pro print services do great work, our print partner has the very best quality prints we've found so far!

That said there are amazing printers out there! In order to print your photos with another printer they will request a Print Release Document, this comes with the purchase of any of your purchases through our Photo Package Options.

Upon purchase we send a document straight to you and your email allowing you to print your photos!

Do You Guys Do Photoshop? 


We do offer photoshop services for your photos, however these services are through a 3rd party partner of ours that charge either per image or per hour depending on the request. Let us know if you'd like photoshop work done and we'll be sure to put a quote together for you!

Can We Have Our Session Off Site?  

Most certainly! 

We have a few awesome locations that have been our most spectacular places to capture photo sessions. To book a session off site we request a pre-purchase of a photo package and from there you can always add in more images! 


How Do Print Credits Work?   

If your looking to print any of your images we always recommend using our print credit packages to our guests! Print credits save you money on your total purchase if your looking to print, and by purchasing a package with a print credit you receive a code that you can apply to your selected print images! From there your photos are printed and shipped direct to you!

What If Its Raining?   

Fortunately most of our showers here on Kauai only last a few minutes, and then directly after we often have rainbows too! Rarely are sessions rained out, but should the forecast look like too much rain for an awesome photo session we can always reschedule your session at no extra cost during your stay! 

If you pre-purchased your session and there's no other times open we send you a full refund!