Why we love drone wedding photography

Drone wedding photography on Kauai.

Why do we love shooting drone photography so much? Is it the birds eye view? IS it new ways to compose wedding photos? Do we just like cool toys (we do). Or do we love seeing our couples ecstatic with this new way of shooting (we do!).

Drones are something we include in almost all of our Kauai wedding photography sessions now for our couples. The joy and great smiles we get from our couples, and of course the great photo's that come from this new way of shooting add up pretty quickly to why its such a great asset to the way we shoot.

The aerial perspective truly is one that helps to show off an environments beauty and helps to give an emotional attachment to an image through perspective both literally and figuratively.

Two people, in a very big world, found each other. This would be the sentence I would use to describe the perspective of drone wedding photography.

A great drone shot that helps to highlight the two of you, on a beach, with mountains, sun rays, boats, and waves adds a certain aura of the environment it was shot in and also what that memory felt like. That in its own, capturing a memory or a feeling, in the way we shoot is vastly important to us. This helps to bring you back to your wedding day time and time again, anniversary after anniversary, family get together, and even online to friends who weren't able to make it to Kauai for your wedding. More then anything those moments are meant to be captured to warm your heart when you see them and to help inspire and commemorate the love you have for one another.

This is why we love drone wedding photography and this is why you can always ask us if you'd like to have it included in your wedding photography package!